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Actionable Content Marketing Tactics for the Multiscreen Generation

December 19, 2013

We live in a world where we have televisions, computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones and people spend hours on each of those devices. In a generation where there is constant media on multiple screens, marketing may seem easier but when you think about how distracted people can get, that may not be the case. It’s important to understand the latest consumer trends to maximize your content longevity and your sales growth.

Understand when people are actually taking the time to sit down and read what you have to say. The most read news are actually during commutes, evenings and weekends. Reading the news takes time and most people are involved with catching up with it and social media when they actually have the time to do so. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t release content during the day. You should be constantly posting content and allow several ways for readers to save the articles for future downtime reading. This can be easily done through social media by constantly posting statuses that link you to the content you want to present.

You must also think about how your content is viewed. It is on screens, which means you can post several different types of media along with your content. This can be anything from images to videos to audio. People get bored when all they see is just paragraphs of words so visuals are important. It will keep their attention span and keep them reading more when you break your content up with different types of media. When you have different types of media in your content, your article can be longer and you can fit more important things in there for your readers.

Having multiple screens changes how your readers will approach content in the media. By accommodating these tactics into your content for this generation, you will enhance your marketing and potential readership exponentially.