What Our Clients Say About Us

Seth Weiser

COO, 67 Wine

We are one of the oldest wine merchants in NYC offering thousands of the finest wines and spirits. We needed a modern, efficient and best in brand website where our shoppers could easily find and purchase our product. The team at Van West Media envisioned exactly what our customers needed and the new design has significantly increased our online sales.

Jim Toole

Vice President, General Manager, Architectural - FLOS USA

We needed to radically improve the functionality and access to product information on our site. After another design team wasted our time and created framework but no true solution, Van West Media quickly untangled the mess and created an elegant, extremely responsive design which celebrates the gravitas of our brand. They re-imagined the way our products are displayed with a fresh intuitive framework that includes instructional videos. Simultaneously, Shad and the team did an exhaustive rework of our complete catalog of technical specification sheets. Now our internal team is re-energized and our clients are thrilled with the access to the information.

Steven Sladkus

Partner, SSRGA

After interviewing numerous companies, my law firm ultimately retained Van West Media to redesign our website and assist in marketing strategy.  We are thrilled with the level of services Van West has provided.  They hit a grand slam homerun with our new website and have supplied us with valuable marketing guidance.  Van West exceeded our expectations and we are proud to be one of their clients.

Christian John Lillis

Founder, Peggy Lillis Foundation

“We’ve had the pleasure of working with Van West Media from the beginning. They took a chance on our small, family founded nonprofit with a big mission, fighting the superbug C. diff. Despite a death toll exceeding 29,000 Americans a year, C. diff is largely unknown by the public.

Shad and his team first took the time to get to know the Peggy Lillis Foundation and the infection we fight. They looked at our old website, which was built by a friend, and early on they suggested and made minor tweaks. VWM coached us on growing our social media presence. We redesigned our newsletter. They always provided advice beyond the scope of a particular job or service.

Last year, PLF decided we needed a brand new website for the next stage of our organization’s growth. While we solicited proposals from other firms, Van West’s deep knowledge of PLF and C. diff, made it clear that they were the best team for the job. In the years that we’ve worked together, Shad and his team have become part of the PLF family. They brought all of their passion and know-how to design and program a site that exceeded our expectations.

Van West helped us take a wide range of information and activities aimed at diverse but overlapping audiences, and create a streamlined end-user experience that impresses our stakeholders. More importantly, people battling C. diff or caring for someone who is, can easily find the information they need most when it matters most.

Van West isn’t just our website and marketing consultants; it’s one of our key partners in the fight against C. diff.”

Dr. Paul Schwartzreich

Owner, New Rochelle Animal Hospital

“I hired Van West Media to design my website, logo and to manage an aggressive internet marketing strategy for my newly acquired veterinary practice. Shad and his team did an amazing job designing my new website and logo. After a year in business, their internet marketing strategy has been very successful. My practice has seen a tremendous increase in new clients and has seen significant growth. I highly recommend them.”

Amanda de Beaufort

Director of Communications, Studio Libeskind

“Van West Media fully understands the importance of a well-designed, visually-compelling website, especially for an architecture and design firm like ours that relies on visual media to display its work.  The fast pace of our international studio demands that our web team can respond in an effective and timely manner – VWM goes above and beyond in their expertise and customer service.”

Michael Spadaro

CEO, Profound Cloud

“Van West Media provided a much needed overhaul of our web presence. Since site launch, we’ve consistently received compliments on the quality and professionalism of their work. More importantly, we’ve seen substantial growth of inbound leads our website is now generating. We’re pleased to have Van West Media on our side as designers and trusted advisers for growing our company through digital marketing.”

Karen Norris

Marketing Communications Director, Crosstex International

“Van West Media’s team was able to effectively distill our initial internal communication strategy for the site and present us with a well conceived plan and clear designs. Their approach allowed my team to understand the full web site before any time was spent coding yet each design approach was developed with back-end programming in mind. All of VWM’s designs were always backed-up with ‘…and this is how it will work when built-out.’”