Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4

June 14, 2013

Yes, it’s been the latest craze with the release of these two video game systems. People are shocked to see that Sony paved their way to success with their PlayStation 4 by knocking the Xbox One down in this battle of the consoles. The reasoning for this? A whole array of reasons.


A main reason is the price. The PlayStation 4 goes for $399 while the Xbox One goes for $499. That is a $100 difference, which is a large amount of money. Unless the Xbox One has impecable features that one simply cannot afford to live without, the PlayStation 4 would be the better option.

Capabilities are another issue. If the Xbox One had features that the PlayStation 4 didn’t, that would make the price more worth it but the reality is that the PlayStation 4 is more versatile. Unlike the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One won’t let games from previous consoles such as the Xbox 360 play on the system. This would mean that used games would be of no use to this machine. The inability to play used games means spending even more money on games to play for the Xbox One. As if the price for the Xbox One wasn’t already high enough?! The PlayStation 4, on the otherhand, allows for the usage of older PlayStation games on the system.


All in all, Sony has made a great influence on their audience due to important aspects like price and capabilities for their PlayStation 4. The Xbox One has less features and is far more costly to buy and upkeep. It’s important to understand the necessities of what the people want. If you keep having negative features for your product while your competitor is releasing amazing ones, you’re bound to lose in the competition.