Welcome Ryan to Our Sales and Marketing Team

September 26, 2017

We’ve been super busy designing and launching some new and exciting websites. But we wanted to take a moment to welcome a new addition to the Van West Media team!

To introduce you to Ryan, we thought it made sense for him to tell you a little about himself and why he chose to join us, in his own words. 

Why Van West Media?

I was destined to work at a place like Van West Media. Before joining the team, I was actually a client!  We worked on a few real estate projects together while I was with Douglas Elliman. It was a new and growing industry and they had a smart blue print to meet our goals with plenty of integrity to boot. I also saw the quality of VWM’s work, which, as a sales and business development strategist, I knew I could really get behind. They have a cool office as well.

What’s your expertise?

My expertise is in sales and marketing. My experience began the summer after graduating high school.  I was eighteen and selling wholesale retail goods to new and existing accounts for a small Connecticut based company.  It was my first gig so there were loads of rejections, but I liked the engagement and always loved the deal.  During college breaks I would intern with a friend’s company who sold a new men’s skin care line.  After earning a bachelors in three years at Roger Williams University, I went straight into real estate which was my first real foray into real world sales and marketing. Since then I’ve helped a family owned environmental company expand their brand into new markets in South Florida and here in NYC where we’ve created strategic relationships to license their product and service to local companies.  At Van West Media I’ll be working on the business development front to pursue the law, non profit, health care and e-commerce sectors.  At the same time I intend to educate my own network of contacts on VWM’s products and services to help bring my own sphere into the fold.

What do you do in your time outside of Van West Media?

I have a big family and we spend a lot of time back home in CT or on the shore during summer.  We like to go on family trips and adventures here and abroad.  When I was 25 I started to pursue a hobby in mountaineering.  Since then I’ve successfully summited seven notable peaks including Kilimanjaro and Aconcagua which is the highest mountain in both the southern and western hemisphere. I’m a fan of single malt scotch and an active amateur chef.  I like to pursue charitable causes and recently sat on the NYC council for Save The Children Fund which provides international relief / resources to children in need.

What previous experience do you have that is important to your work here?

So much of what I have learned in my previous work experience will translate into success at Van West Media. This includes working with all spectrums of industries to introduce the latest and greatest digital marketing resources. Van West Media is the kind of agency where clever and knowledgable people can learn and thrive. I am so excited to have joined this kind of creative business culture and look forward to bringing my own knowledge and experience to the team.