Vine: Quirky, Playful Marketing

May 13, 2013

A few nights ago, my friends and I gathered together in the local Starbucks and started raving about the newly popular smartphone app, Vine. With six seconds of entertaining potential, I looked through my friend’s Vine feeds and saw videos from a Crunchwrap Surpreme disappearing bite-by-bite to people lip-syncing in a car. Then, I started to see more creative videos that involved different scenes to encompass a larger and more hilarious story plot.

These videos were quirky and felt personally connected to me, regardless of how long it’s been since I’ve seen the person in the video. With this in mind, I realized that videos, more than images, bring actual life to you. It makes you feel like you are there in the action with them and creates a connection between you and those in the video. This feeling makes for marketing potential.


Just as people can follow, comment and like designers and brands on Instagram, people can do so on Vine as well. I watched a few of these videos with different approaches to the quick, yet personal marketing strategies. Gypsy Warrior, an edgy clothing boutique in Ridgewood, NJ, simply showcased a slideshow of their new collection. Well-known fashion designer, Rebecca Minkoff released a message saying “Happy Mother’s Day” with her beloved baby. Dove created a cute, short commercial-like video with a bar of Dove soap crashing into standing Dove liquid soap bottles, knocking them down like pins in a bowling lane. The liquid soap bottles were then facing up, showcasing the scents for the new Dove liquid soap line.

These six-second videos known as “Vines” give way to a new world of opportunities for marketeers. Just like Instagram, people only follow those they are interested in. so they are more inclined to watch what you have to offer. Commercials on television are usually ignored as people flip to other channels or step out of the room for food or to use the bathroom during commercial breaks. By using Vine, your message will reach your audience and not just any audience, but the ones that want what you have to offer. They followed you through interest and will be responsive. On top of all this, people can also share these Vines on social media networks like Facebook and Twitter as well.

vine 2

From the personal aspect to the interest aspect, marketeers should join the Vine network to reach out to people. Six seconds may not seem like a long time, but you can do so much within that time frame. Also, Vine is FREE. Think about how many things are free in this world? Practically nothing these days. Take advantage and join Vine! I promise you won’t regret it.