Shitty E-Commerce Ideas: “A La Carte” Cable

August 14, 2013

Time Warner Cable’s Glenn Brite proposed to selling CBS channels “a la carte”. ┬áCable packages save you money and yes, there are always a bunch of channels that you may not watch but it will still save you more money than buying each individual channel you watch.

Since many people are paying for these channels even though they aren’t watching them, each individual person can receive channels such as ESPN at a reasonable price. ESPN makes about $600 million a month as a network but you receive it at $6 a month because you and 100 million others have that channel in a bundle package.

The fact that each network needs such large amounts of money makes it difficult for the “a la carte” channel experience to be practical for the average person. A better and more practical option for Time Warner Cable is to bundle packages of similar channels or channels that are appropriately placed together so that customers can choose each of those and still obtain the discounts that come from having a bundle package.

Yes, everyone wants to save money but think about it this way, cable companies need to make money somehow. If it isn’t through the cable itself, they’ll charge you for something you legitimately need and can’t hinder yourself with such as the internet. There’s really no getting out of this hole so save yourself the trouble of going through this whole process and stick with what you have.