Instagram is at it again with launch of Hyperlapse App

August 26, 2014


Just when we thought Instagram’s A-game couldn’t be any better, they hit us with its newest app, Hyperlapse.

Hyperlapse allows for capturing high-quality time lapse videos. The additional plus? You can even create these videos while in motion thanks to a stabilization feature within the application. Even more amazing is the quick usability of the program. Record your video, select the speed at which you want to showcase your video, then save and share. No filters, no adjustments – a plain and simple, yet beautifully complex app.

Curious to see how “high-quality” your videos can become? Check out their Vimeo demo:

This is Instagram’s second application; a follow-up to last month’s release of Bolt.

Download Hyperlapse, and give it a try. Tweet your first Hyperlapse videos to @VanWestMedia or tag us using #VWMblog.

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