Happy 85th Birthday Maurice Sendak!

June 10, 2013

Famous for writing and illustrating Where the Wild Things Are and many other children’s books, Maurice Sendak has made himself a name as an artist. For many famous artists, a specific art style is associated with them and Sendak is one of them. Sendak’s unique combination of using creatures that would normally be scary and the personality of an innocent little boy to create a storyline and influence the look and feel of the art itself has really made a great impact on his audience.


Not only has this nature of art impacted young children, but Maurice has been able to create a cult-like group of fans. Where the Wild Things Are has become one of those classic tales for young children that people continue to love as they grow older. It has affected people so greatly that we are still now celebrating his birthday after his death last year. The mere 30 pages with 2 sentences each were able to transform into an amazing hour and a half movie that reflected the book in it’s entirety.


The great storyline that helps children to overcome their fears and influence them to use their imagination as well allows much room for illustrative creativity. Sendak understood this and created a new style of art that reflected him personally. This idea makes for a great artist as people are able to see similar features in his works and immediately connect them with Sendak himself. As an artist, he was able to brand himself in this manner.

Making a name or style or personality that is unique and reflects you or your brand or company is truly what makes you special and prominent to mass audiences. It is through this nature that a renowned artist like Sendak was able to so heavily influence his fans.