Google AdWords 2.0

November 07, 2013

Google has redesigned many of their programs including Google+ and Gmail and they aren’t stopping there. Google AdWords is getting revamped as well with a new logo and console redesign. Below is a comparison of the old and potential new design:

Old Google AdWords console

New Google AdWords Console

As you can see, the newer design, including both the logo and user interface, becomes more minimalist as many designs in this generation are gearing towards this sleek futuristic look and feel.

The logo text blends with the layout design as the logo image itself is what stands out. This gives people the opportunity to look at the logo image and immediately correlate it to Google AdWords rather than having to read out the full name. This was a smart decision as people live more fast-paced lives now and don’t spend so much time on advertisements.

The gray toolbar and blue text reflect upon the rest of Google’s designs for Gmail and Google+. It also looks similar to the new iOS7 platform Apple has. It seems that gray designs have a cooler feel so that it’s not too distracting but remains a neutral palette for information to be placed on. This allows the text throughout to also be a light typeface rather than a bold one that is so in your face.

The clean and sleek look of Google AdWords will feel more natural to users. The old 3D designs look much more outdated and this will really bring Google ahead in the design game. Though the release for this new UI launch isn’t officially stated yet, we have high hopes in the beauty of this new design.