“Durex Fundawear”: The Future of Foreplay Technology

January 14, 2014

We try to better every aspect of our lives through the advancements of technology and our sex lives shouldn’t be left out. Durex conducted a “Durexperiment” called ” Fun with Foreplay,” which enhances both physical and verbal communication and allows for a mood that’s more conductive to sex. One of the many outcomes was “Durex Fundawear,” which is vibrating lingerie that is controlled by an app.

With many people traveling because of their busy lifestyles, it’s hard to always be there for your significant other. The “Durex Fundawear” underwear and its app help you to stay physically connected with your loved one in times like these. You can choose exactly where to touch your significant other from the app and they will feel it in the corresponding area while wearing the underwear as shown below.

The days of only verbal communication and the longing for one another physically will be compromised in a matter. This advancement in sexual technology will help couples, especially those that are in a long-distance relationship, to be able to satisfy one another physically.┬áCheck out the demo video for “Durex Fundawear” below: