Catskills: The New Hamptons?

July 05, 2013

As we celebrated our most patriotic day of the year, celebrities such as well-known serial entreprenuer  Daymond John of Shark Tank did as well in none other than “The Catskills”. Just like the Hamptons are a great place for a getaway weekend from the busy Manhattan lifestyle, the Catskills play the same role as the Lamborghinis, Rolls Royces and Ferraris made their way into the area . The distance isn’t too far from home but is still far away enough to “get away from it all”.

Van West Media's CEO Shad Mohammed with Butch Resnick and Daymond John

Van West Media’s CEO Shad Mohammed with Butch Resnick and Daymond John

The Catskills have the perfect balance of serenity in the open air and the proximity to the urban necessities of our everyday lives. Because of this, these wonderful mountains have quickly become the new place to be. With the wonders of nature and the vast land, there are so many activities to partake in including fishing, canoeing, hiking and much more. It’s great to have all this available to you a few hours away from the usual skyscrapers you see in Manhattan.

The Sullivan, one of the most elegant hotels in the Catskills area, goes above and beyond for those who stay there. Butch Resnick, new owner of The Sullivan has renovated and transformed the place into what it is today. This luxury boutique hotel gives you the comfort you want with the surroundings of the natural wonders in the Catskills. The warm, inviting atmosphere allows you to relax as much as you can during your getaway. Not only do they provide excellent service but they cater to your every need. There are also excellent places right next door that provide luxury dining including Bernie’s Holiday Restaurant and Crust Italian Eatery as well.

The Catskills are clearly the new place to be. Don’t rush over to the crowded Hamptons where you won’t have much room or you are bound to bump into someone you don’t want to see. It’s called a “getaway” for a reason! Get out to the Catskills and enjoy a wonderful stay at a luxurious hotel like the Sullivan and make the best of your getaway weekend.