Bolt: Instagram’s new app

July 31, 2014

With Snapchat steadily increasing to more than 8 million adult users, the social race is heating up since last week’s leak of BoltInstagram’s first standalone app meant to rival its competitors.

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Bolt features a speedy, single-touch submission of a photo or video to friends. The differentiators are clear:

• Faces of all your friends (phone contacts) are displayed in a scrolling row across the bottom of the screen.
• Tapping a friend’s face instantly sends them the photo or video with one move.
• Unlike Snapchat and similar apps, Bolt only allows you to share your content one person at a time.
• The “shake to unsend” feature allows the user to undo a Bolt within the initial few seconds of sending it. Shaking also brings up the option to save your outgoing content to your camera roll.
• Anyone who has your number in their contact list will have accessibility to send you Bolts. A “blocking” feature is there, however there’s no “reporting” feature for harassment or inappropriate content sharing.
• The content disappears from Instagram’s servers automatically 30 days after sending an image or video.

The disappointing news? Currently, Bolt is only available in three countries: Singapore, South Africa and New Zealand.

What do you think? Will you be “bolting” to download Bolt when it launches in your country? Tweet your answers or opinions to @vanwestmedia using the hashtag #VWMblog or leave us a comment below!