Anything Goes During MDW

May 27, 2013

Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning of summer, adventure and endless possibilities. The start of summer brings positivity to everyone. They are more willing to spend money, try new things, replace old things, etc. It’s a time when marketeers should reach out to their prospects as there is more of a possibility of leads than any other time of the year.


Special memorial day deals made during this time can refresh the minds of current customers and gain new leads. It’s important to carefully choose what to offer as well. It should be something that people do not want to pass up; something to help them accomplish what they want. This marketing method is called “solution selling” and often comes in project bundles that involve upselling better options to customers.

Think of home and garden magazines and how they present new spring cleaning and house makeovers along with what to buy and what to do with it.  By including products and services, an entire solution is presented to customers saving them time and satisfying their every need as you are their one stop. Through this, clients will be satisfied instantly and may even spread the positive word of how helpful your company is.

new old

Just like customers want to revolutionize themselves for the upcoming season, businesses want to as well. B2B marketing is just as important as B2C marketing. Companies may want to rebrand themselves as something new and fresh. As an marketeer, it’s important to help those who want to rebrand or establish themselves by giving them everything they need. This can include a new logo, website, online and print media, etc. Everyone likes one-stop solutions, even large companies. The simplicity can also invoke the idea of rebranding if it wasn’t there to begin with as well. Sometimes, people just need a little push to drive them in the best direction and if you can offer them that, they’re likely to seize the opportunity to participate.

Summer’s here and everyone is ready to have fun and make the best of it. Let your customers feel like they’re rewarding themselves by taking your offers! Don’t depend on them to take the first step either. Present them with something they can’t pass and you will both be happier with the results.