Does Your Brand Need a New Look?

September 15, 2015

Google has been making some big changes lately. Most recently, they did some major restructuring within the company that led to them being owned by Alphabet, a holding company that allows the separation of the search engine from other more ambitious projects. With that, the king of search engines has unveiled its new logo. It’s the company’s biggest logo redesign since 1999.

The logo has undergone mainly small changes in it’s history from color changes to flatter letters due to gradient changes. Its most current logo features a sans-serif font, flatter letters, and a four-color theme that can also be seen in the “G” icon.

Google is expecting to have the new logo be seen across all of its products soon. It’s updated logo was created to show how users use Google on many different platforms and for many different reasons. According to the company’s blog, they are “introducing a new logo and identity family that reflects this reality and shows you when the Google magic is working for you, even on the tiniest screens.” ….And who doesn’t like a bit of magic?!

VWM brings the magic

A company’s logo is essential to its brand. It may not seem like such a big deal, but a logo is meant to visually tell a story about what the brand is all about. Consumers are constantly looking at logos and subconsciously receiving messages. Because of this every decision regarding its design does actually matter. Fonts, colors, image placement – they all play a part in successful branding that will fully encompass the vision of your company.

Van West Media offers logo and branding services to help re-create (or start from scratch!) the logo, website, and assets your brand has been needing. For more information, schedule a visit with our team. We’d love to show you the magic we can deliver!