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Kraft Gives JCPenney a Boost

Posted on August 07, 2013 by Tiffany

JCPenney has struggled this year as a department-store retailer as their margins decreased significantly due to weak sales. According to CNBC, the gross margins came at 30.8 percent, which is 7% less … Continue reading →

Internet Marketing For Real Estate

Posted on May 03, 2013 by Tiffany

Your exposure on the internet as a real estate broker is crucial as it is where the majority of your sales begin. Over 85% of real estate transactions start online through sites like Trulia, Streetea … Continue reading →

Showrooms Hindering Marketeers

Posted on March 15, 2013 by Tiffany

Are consumers taking advantage of what marketeers are offering at stores? Are showrooms hindering or helping sales? Statistics show that 60% of consumers go to retail stores to physically interact wit … Continue reading →

Girl Scouts of America App: Leaving No One Left Without A Cookie

Posted on February 25, 2013 by Tiffany

Mobile integration allows businesses to market audiences in a whole new realm. This method opens up many doors of opportunity allowing customers on-the-go to access your business as well. With the Gir … Continue reading →

Digital vs. Traditional Marketing

Posted on February 01, 2013 by Tiffany

Similar to other fields, the marketing world has traditionalists and progressive people. The conservative group believe the digital world to be similar to that of the old marketing ways just with diff … Continue reading →

Top Marketing Strategies in 2013

Posted on January 02, 2013 by Tiffany

Marketing strategies change constantly to adhere to audiences, depending on what they are demanding. Ways to advertise a company are endless but after careful consideration of consumers and their resp … Continue reading →